Selection International Series Wine Kits

6-8 week kits. Premium 1.5 liter wine kits feature the very best from wine producing regions from around the globe! These wines showcase the styles that made each region famous. Packaged in an aseptic, nitrogen purged bag. Due to the timing of various regional harvests and availability of product, varieties are available as supply dictates.

Chilean White


A gorgeous nose of honeydew, peach and gooseberry is followed by a silky palate with white peach and mineral flavors and a long finish.  Bright, crisp and inviting at three months, it's refreshingly complex and tropical, and will develop notes of basil


Chilean Red


Powerful fruit and spice flavour, with mellow tannins for a supple finish. Deserves aging, but will develop quicker than Cabernet Sauvignon and will stand up to the same food pairings.


French Red


Direct from the Languedoc-Roussillon region of southern France, this classic varietal is rich with ripe fruit and berry flavours, yet soft and elegant. Dry, full-bodied and deeply coloured, with a complex velvety taste accentuated with premium French oak.


Italian White

Fresh, fragrant and lively, its flavors include a certain flintiness and hints of citrus and almonds.


Italian Red


A bright red cherry character overlaying strawberry notes with hints of violets and white pepper.  It has medium body and a long, wonderfully smooth, tannic finish; livened by a zing of acidity and toasty oak and as always, a touch of the Tuscan earth.


Smooth and mellow, rich, red wine with blackberry fruit flavors ans spicy, peppery notes.


Australian Red


Cabernet Sauvignon's intencity compliments the fruity and chocolate Shiraz flavors fro a rich, complex and hearty wine.



Wonderfully delicious, with startling rich, ripe aromas that deliver right through to the full, zesty finish.



Big and approachable in true Aussie style, this Cabernet from Down Under is a long-lasting, robust wine that will reward those with the patience to age it.


Australian White

Full, supple, buttery and fruity, this golden wine delivers the moment the first sip reaches your palate, to the clean, lingering finish.


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